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Dreams to


Let your dreams of higher education become reality!

What is Dreams 2 Degrees?

Dreams 2 Degrees is dedicated to providing information for anyone pursuing higher education!

This website provides free information on:

  • How to get started on the college application process

  • Downloadable Planning Guides for students to plan out their College and Scholarship Search

  • Essay Prep & Review

  • Parents can learn about FAFSA, Student Loans, and fee waivers

And so much more! 

Are you a student looking for guidance on how or when to apply to college? Check out the College Bound page to take your first steps towards college.

Worried or unsure how you will pay for college? We are here to break those boundaries! Check out the Finding Funding page under Parent Corner.

Careers in STEM are always in demand, especially for minority students. Click here for more information about STEM Majors, Careers, and College Programs.

When Should I Start?

It is never too early or too late to get your degree. If you are a student, click the College Bound. If you are a Parent, click the Parent Corner.

F21E3B89-DA30-4BD1-87ED-CD859EADF4B8 - Annalisa Williams.jpeg

Annalisa W.
San Bernandino, CA

D2D gave me insight on what to look forward to in colleges as an African American. Also we did weekly zoom meetings to help me stay on track and provided weekly homework to do. Helped with peer reviewing essays as well as going over applications.

Annalisa was accepted to Azusa Pacific University, California State University- San Bernardino, and California Baptist University. She now attends California Baptist University majoring in Psychology.


gradphoto - Ray Crump.jpg

Ray C.
Charles City, VA

"It helped me to set a plan and apply for graduate school."

Ray graduated in 2022 from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics. He was accepted to graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Tech. He now attends Virginia Tech pursuing his master's degree in Biomedical Engineering.

84096183-3558-435D-9AB9-8D51821D2360 - Marquita Parker.jpeg

Marquita P. 
Greensboro, NC

From the one-on-one essay reviews and the time spent to help edit and correct scholarship entries, the D2D program was very beneficial in providing assistance in my journey from undergraduate studies to graduate school. The process was made easy with help from D2D and the essay responses were edited with a more detailed eye. Planning was made simple with the help of budgeting and looking for monetary scholarships or affordable places to live. Loved using this service and would recommend every high schooler or senior in their undergraduate career to use to their advantage!

Marquita graduated in 2022 from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. She was accepted to graduate school at East Carolina University and Western Carolina University. She now attends Western Carolina University pursuing her master's degree in Kinseiology.

8EBAD09F-9B3B-4A8F-AF0B-90C5ADF7F3C9 - Immanuel Cutler.jpeg

Immanuel C.
Houston, TX

"Jesika looked over my essays with me, showed me how to use language that college admissions were going to look for and overall made sure that my essays portrayed both me and my ideas in the ways that I wanted them to be seen."

Immanuel will be attending Virginia Tech in  Fall of 2023 


Helena F.
Radford, VA

"It helped my break down which colleges to apply to and allowed me to do more research on them."

Helena will be attending Virginia Tech in  Fall of 2023 


Quentin M.
Radford, VA

"They helped me get on track and really focus on college"

Quentin has been accepted to Old Dominion University and East Tennesee University with the intention to major in Sports Marketing.


Jordan L.
Chesapeake, VA

"I can confidently say that I would undoubtedly not have been admitted into graduate school and be a student in my master’s program now if it was not for the time, dedication, and overall investment that Jes put into me and my academic success. She motivated me throughout the entire process and never stopped believing in me or my goals."

"It helped me to set a plan and apply for graduate school."

Jordan graduated in 2022 from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors of Science in Public Relations Science. He now attends George Mason pursuing his master's degree in Strategic Communications.

D2D Logo.JPG

DaLia S.
Richmond, VA

"D2D encouraged me to apply and check for college information on a regular basis through email to ensure that I had everything in order, including transcripts, FASFA submissions, and other paperwork."

DaLia has been accepted to Radford University, Morgan State, and North Carolina Central University with the intention to major in Nursing.


Kimani F.
Radford, VA

"D2D helped me get on track with the process to applying to college and aided me on planning my next steps. More specifically, Jesika McDaniel has guided me, as well as many others, through the process of making decisions for the future. She has also acted as a mentor opening the door for many opportunities and experiences that would not have been possible without her."

Kimani will be attending Virginia Tech in Fall of 2023 with the intention of majoring in Biology.

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