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Choosing The Right College

Choosing the right college for you can be overwhelming. Here are some key things to look for and consider when you are choosing where to apply to.

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It is super important to take note of the atmosphere of the campus before applying. If you go on a tour or stay over the summer you can get a feel of how the campus is. There are other important factors like location, demographics, student population, etc.


To find information about these things visit

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What is a Diversity and Inclusion Office?

These are offices on campus that cater to minority, underrepresented, first-generation, disabled, students, and students who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Having these types of offices and support systems will help you throughout your time at college and find a community of people like you. These offices also provide scholarships for these students and work-study opportunities.

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What is Retention Rate?

It is basically the rate of students who continue their education second year. This could be for a specific major, college, or the university as a whole.


This percentage is super important! You want to enter a program that has a high retention rate of at least 90%. This would mean that 90% of their students continue their education a second or third year. You do not want to go in a program that will not have the resources to support you during your time on campus. This reflects on the difficulty or support they have for the students.

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There are many different types of rankings a college or university may have, but you want to focus on your specific program. You can find reliable college ranking at US News. Search for the top rankings for the program/major you are interested in.


Another important thing to look for in a college is their accreditation in the specific program you are looking for. Having an accredited program ensures that you are learning the right materials that you can begin your career upon graduation. Future employers will check to see if your degree is accredited, this will determine if you will get the job!

Also, take note that just because the college is well known does not mean their program is accredited. 

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