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Network With Faculty

Networking with Faculty will allows you to get to know some of the professors on a personal level and it also makes you stand out!

Professor & Students


Connecting with faculty at your university or the university you plan on applying to is very important. Having previous conversations allows for your application to stand out since your name will be recognized. 

This also helps you narrow down whom you would want as an advisor or research professor for graduate school.

Lecture Hall Tutor


First, you should contact the Graduate Coordinator or Program Coordinator to the Program you are applying to. They will be able to answer technical questions about requirements, the application, and the graduate process in their department. You can find their contact information on the university program website.

Once you talk to the Graduate Coordinator and get your surface-level questions answered you can talk to any specific faculty that you would like to work with.

Don't forget to use the resources at your university. Some of your faculty or professors may know other professors or alumni from the university that you are interested in. Be sure to use your network!

Interested in  Research?

First, identify what type of research you want to do, then search which professor has similar research in their lab. Contact them to see if they are hiring graduate students for the term you are applying for, and more information about their research, etc. 

Video Call


Before setting up a meeting with a faculty or graduate coordinator you should come up with a list of questions to ask:

- What other requirements do I need before applying?

- What is the retention rate of the program?

- What sources of funding do students receive?

- Based on my research interests are there any faculty that you would recommend I speak to?

- Are there any Graduate Open House events coming up?

There is no problem asking for clarification however, avoid asking questions that are already on the website. 

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It is always good to follow up about your status in the application process with the Graduate Coordinator or Faculty member. You can do this by sending a few emails after your initial conversation just to remain in contact. 

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