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Parent Corner

As a parent, it is important to have the tools in order to set your student up for success. Here you can find the things you need to know about the college selection and application process

Don't Know Where To Start?

If this is your first time sending your child to college or you are unfamiliar with the college process, you may want to begin here.


What is FAFSA? Why do I need to fill it out? What does it do for my student? Al; those questions answered and more

Finding Funding for College

Figuring out how to pay for college can be very stressful. Here is a very simple breakdown of your options when it comes to paying tuition.

Jumpstart your student

There are multiple ways you can help your student get ahead and make the college application and decision process much smoother.

Planning Guideline

Here is a great way to have a checksheet of what both you and your student need to accomplish before college applications are due.

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