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Where To Start?

Do you want to send your child to college, but don't know where to start? Here are some places you can start based on your child's grade level.

College Summer Camps

Many colleges and universities across the country offer summer camps for middle and high school students. This allows the student to be exposed to life on campus and learn about a specific field they may be interested in. For more information about local programs near you click here


The SAT and ACT are standardized tests that all students have to take as a requirement to get into college. Make sure your student is on track for taking the SAT or ACT at least once before their senior year. There are free resources online and paid SAT Prep tutoring at some local high schools. Also using SAT books from College Board, Kaplan Prep, etc are also good resources.

Note: If your student is applying to college in Fall 2020, they may not have to take the SAT/ACT due to COVID-19. Many Schools are waiving this testing requirement. Make sure you check with the admissions at the schools your student plans on applying to. Some schools may have this information displayed on their website, if not then contact them.

Be Involved In Your Student's Class Schedule

Depending on the program your child wants to pursue in college, they may require your student to take certian classes during high school. Make sure you are keeping up with your student with those required classes.

College Tours

Taking a college tour will give you more information about the college than online. This will allow you and your student to determine if the college is the right fit for them. Visit the college website to schedule your own in-person or virtual tour.

Finding Funding & Fee Waivers

Finding funding to support your child through college can be challenging. There are three types of funding or aid you can receive for college.  Financial Aid, Scholarships, or Student Loans. There are deadlines for all of these things so make sure you do not miss those! For more information click here.

Also, be sure that you are aware of the possible fee waivers your child may be eligible for when taking the SAT/ACT, AP Exams, or even College Application Fees. Usually, students who are eligible for free/reduced lunch are eligible for these waivers as well. Contact your student's school advisor for more information on receiving a fee waiver.

Have Your Student Participate in Clubs, Sports or Volunteer Work

When colleges read your student's application they want to see students who are well-rounded individuals and leaders in their school or community. In order to ensure this make sure your student is very involved in some sort of extra curricular activity. This will also give them many talking points when it is time to write their application essays.

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