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Graduate School

Applying to Graduate school may seem like a daunting process. However with these steps you can apply to grad school with ease!

Graduate School Application Timeline

My Personal Story

I graduated from high school with Summa Cum Laude and multiple endorsements, however, I was not fully prepared for the rigor of college. During the second year of my undergraduate career at Virginia Tech (VT), my GPA fell below average due to stress, overloading of classes, and battling with depression. I began to feel underprepared, unequipped, inadequate to be an engineer; it seemed like my odds of graduating were slim. After I was able to seek counseling for mental health in my third year, using the skills I learned in my sessions both my time management and grades began to improve. Since then, I have been able to overcome this obstacle and persevere. I graduated from college with a 2.8 overall GPA, in Biological Systems Engineering. I never made it to get a 3.0, but I was still able to accomplish so much more. Your accomplishments are not limited to your GPA. Since then I was accepted to the University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins, University of Georgia, and Virginia Tech for Graduate School. I was able to attend graduate school with full funding, and my journey does not stop there. 

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